Your blueprint to a growing a profitable, joy-filled photography business you’re proud of

The Joyful Wedding Photographer 

Build a business and a life you can’t get enough of

But so far it feels like it’s hard to imagine exactly how to make that happen. 

Going full-time in your wedding photography business has been a DREAM of yours for so long and you’re ready to make it happen.

You’ve captured a handful of weddings or were able to second shoot beside a pro to hone in on your skills, and now you’re ready to lean into the business side to grow your own successful wedding photography business.

You have so many questions about how to find clients, how to stand out, how to raise your prices, and how to leverage other areas in your marketing campaigns, but so far these answers have remained question marks met with a lot of trial and error.

You’re ready to actually have strategies that work because even finding clients to pay you your current prices hasn’t been easy. It feels like you really have to work to get leads. You feel like you’re really putting yourself out there trying to attend networking events and trying to leverage social media, but with life and your 9-5, it's tough to balance it all. 

You’ve tried to piece together all the free advice you’ve been able to get your hands on and at this point, you’re not sure what you’re doing wrong, but you do know clients aren’t sliding into your DMs regularly. 

The depths of your marketing strategy has kinda come down to hoping someone magically finds you and you wake up with an inquiry in your inbox (and no shade, I’ve been there!)

You’re ready to learn and leverage other marketing techniques too so you don’t have to rely solely on Instagram to generate leads—you want to create a magnetic brand that brings people in through multiple avenues. 

You’re ready to start treating your business like a true business and give it the attention it deserves.

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