Your blueprint to a growing a profitable, joy-filled photography business you’re proud of

The Joyful Wedding Photographer 

Build a business and a life you can’t get enough of

But so far it feels like it’s hard to imagine exactly how to make that happen. 

Going full-time in your wedding photography business has been a DREAM of yours for so long and you’re ready to make it happen.

You’ve captured a handful of weddings or were able to second shoot beside a pro to hone in on your skills, and now you’re ready to lean into the business side to grow your own successful wedding photography business.

You have so many questions about how to find clients, how to stand out, how to raise your prices, and how to leverage other areas in your marketing campaigns, but so far these answers have remained question marks met with a lot of trial and error.

You’re ready to actually have strategies that work because even finding clients to pay you your current prices hasn’t been easy. It feels like you really have to work to get leads. You feel like you’re really putting yourself out there trying to attend networking events and trying to leverage social media, but with life and your 9-5, it's tough to balance it all. 

You’ve tried to piece together all the free advice you’ve been able to get your hands on and at this point, you’re not sure what you’re doing wrong, but you do know clients aren’t sliding into your DMs regularly. 

The depths of your marketing strategy has kinda come down to hoping someone magically finds you and you wake up with an inquiry in your inbox (and no shade, I’ve been there!)

You’re ready to learn and leverage other marketing techniques too so you don’t have to rely solely on Instagram to generate leads—you want to create a magnetic brand that brings people in through multiple avenues. 

You’re ready to start treating your business like a true business and give it the attention it deserves.

But you need to find the right space to do it because adopting a cut-throat attitude is more than your creative heart can take. You’ve asked for help, but it feels like no one really wants to lend a hand. And to be honest, you’d rather have a community that is there to help you succeed at your goals than view everyone as your competition. 

You want to go full time and live a full life, and that’s what I want to help you achieve.

You want to learn the business side of growing a business, be surrounded by people who get it and equally support you, and build a photography business you’re passionate about.

Even if right now you’re struggling to imagine it, know that with the right support you’ll be able to achieve everything you desire (and more).

You’ll have the confidence to shoot weddings and charge what you’re worth, even if right now you’re struggling to find paying clients. 

You’ll know how to grow a business beyond just social media and sell through funnels. 

You’ll have a proven roadmap and the support to go full-time with your photography business so you don’t need to keep going through endless trial and error alone with no real answers.

This is a place where you can ask questions and get responses that propel you forward. This is a place where you can learn how to grow a business that fits your brand and your life. 

Imagine how it would feel to stop “lucking” into jobs and instead have dream clients reach out to you (and send their friends). 

This is more than possible! 

Just picture how much your life would change if you had… 

        An endless stream of referrals, because your clients can’t stop raving about you

        An extra 5-10 weddings booked this year (that’s nearly double what you’re currently doing!) 

        A way to grow your client base without relying on social media so you can truly stand out

        The confidence to charge what you’re worth and not a penny less

That’s what happens when you have a great client experience and a network of fellow photographers who’ve got your back!

A 10-week group coaching program designed to take you from struggling side hustle to full-time wedding photographer

The Joyful Wedding Photographer 

It’s time you meet… 

You’ll learn how to grow a referral-based business, double your booked weddings, and have all the business skills you need to create a thriving business you love.

Complete with other photographers who can’t wait to support you because we believe in community over competition here! No more facing the loneliness entrepreneurship brings by yourself anymore.

Join us and learn how to grow your business skills to match your photography skills! 

- Karoline  

"Danielle Evans has a wealth of knowledge and a passion for photography that she happily shares with her students. She helped me transform my love of photography into a profitable business. During coaching, Danielle answered every question I had and provided me with information I didn’t even know I needed. She truly goes above and beyond to help you succeed!" 

10 in-depth modules tackling everything from marketing to client management and how to keep things running smoothly on the big day

Here’s what’s inside The Joyful Wedding Photographer:

You’ll have everything you need to grow a thriving business, including calls and done-for-you resources to make growth easier with your busy life!

Plug-n-play resources, emails, and workflows to help you manage more clients with ease 

Weekly group coaching calls to go over each topic and answer any questions

Monthly 1:1 coaching calls to dive deeper into your business

Daily Slack support from Monday-Thursday

Private Facebook community to ask questions and build connections with other women in the program

Curious what’s behind the curtain?

Here’s what we’ll cover each week…

Week 1: The Game Plan 


Is your business legit? We’ll spend the first week setting up those foundations (licenses, lawyers, and insurance, oh my!) to avoid calamity down the road. We’ll also dive deep into your goals and craft a custom action plan to help you get there.

Week 2: Digital Marketing Strategies for Wedding Photographers


Part of growing your business to the next level is learning how to leverage online platforms in your business, including Facebook ads, Instagram, and vendor sites like WeddingWire and The Knot.

Week 3: In-Person Marketing Strategies


As a photographer, it’s so important to put yourself out there to meet people locally! We’ll cover attracting clients IRL with bridal shows, vendor networks, and your new community of fellow photographers (which is a huge advantage)!

Week 4: Website & Pricing Review 


Should you start a blog? What is SEO and why does it matter? What keywords should you target? We’ll cover all that and more with an in-depth website review, plus tactics to help you attract clients and price your services for profit.

Week 5: Bridal Consultations 


Learn how to run your consults with confidence and only work with clients you feel good about. We’ll cover the complete workflows, from inquiry to after you’ve booked them and are stuck wondering now what? 

Week 6: Engagement Sessions That Wow 


Create a client experience that goes above and beyond for more repeat clients and referrals. Small touches of personalization will help you stand out from the crowd and has your client’s friends in your inbox!

Week 7: Wedding Planning 


Learn how to manage your workflow for a stress-free client experience. We’ll tackle common wedding day issues so you remain calm and in control on the big day so no matter what comes your way, you’re prepared to handle it with confidence and grace. 

Week 8: After the Wedding


We’ll cover editing workflows, outsourcing, album design, online print shops, and more to make sure the experience is the best it possibly can be. 

Week 9: What’s next? 


After we go through getting clients, marketing, and your workflows, we’ll talk about setting your business up for long-term success by building your community, incorporating referrals into your workflow, and creating a client for life program. This is how you set yourself up for a lucrative business that allows you to leave your 9-5! 

Week 10: Hot Seat Wrap Up


The final week of the program will be spent asking final questions, celebrating wins, and making sure you’re confident with your next steps! You can have me take a final review of any of the material during your hot seat time. 

It’s about getting clear on what a successful photography business looks like for YOU, and then working backward to help you get there. 

This isn’t about chasing after some fuzzy vision of “success.”

The Joyful Wedding Photographer will give you the freedom to define success on your own terms, whether that means making 6-figures, having more time at home with your family, or just making enough money to quit your 9-to-5 and not worry about paying the bills.

That’s why The Joyful Wedding Photographer isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. You’re not here to follow in my footsteps. You’re here to build a business that’s as unique as you are, and that’s exactly what we’ll help you do. 


Choose the plan that works best for you:

Pay in Full


6 Monthly Payments


12 Monthly Payments

These are the exact strategies I used to scale my own business to 6-figures, and now I want to help you do the same. I’m giving you access to my exact emails, funnels, and workflows from inquiry to selling post-wedding to make sure you’re fully covered and confident in your business. 

By the end of this program, you’ll have the confidence to charge your worth, a network of women you can lean on for support, and an actionable plan to reach your goals.

You’ll also have systems in place to keep the money coming in long after your next couple says I do.

Hey girl!
I’m Danielle, seasoned wedding photographer & owner of ​​Create and Bloom Studios

When I started my photography business I thought I could do it all alone.

What no one told me was how difficult it was to build a business while balancing your day job, family responsibilities, and everyday life. Trying to do everything myself only made it harder. So I reached out for help…

And was met by closed doors. 

Other photographers guarded their clients like dragons hoarding gold, afraid I would somehow steal them away—when all I really wanted was advice. I would have given anything for someone to tell me how to turn my passion into a career, but no one wanted to help.

So I fumbled my way through it alone. I made mistakes, wasted money, and had more than a few late-night breakdowns until eventually (years later) I found my footing. Now I make $100k+ a year, with less stress and more time for my family.

But I don’t want you to have to go through what I did to get here. I created The Joyful Wedding Photographer to give you the tools, resources, and the community I was missing when I first started. 

In The Joyful Wedding Photographer, you’ll be surrounded by women on the same journey as you. You’ll learn to ditch the scarcity mindset and lean on each other as you grow—because despite what you may have been told, there’s more than enough room for you in this industry.

I firmly believe women, especially moms, can have it all—and should have it all. I want you to have a profitable business you love and a full life. I want you to feel supported and know you’re capable and worthy of having it all. 

So come on in and join us! I’ll leave the door open.

The Joyful Wedding Photographer is for you if… 

You’re ready to turn your dream of being a full-time wedding photographer into reality

You could photograph weddings all day long, but the business side of things eludes you 

You want to build a business that works with your life, instead of taking away from it

You’re tired of struggling and are ready to get help from someone who’s been there, done that

You’re still learning basic photography skills and haven’t shot at least 5 weddings

You’re not willing to put the work in to achieve your goals

You believe in competition over community

You’re not interested in connecting with other photographers and supporting them on their journeys

The Joyful Wedding Photographer is NOT for you if… 

Questions before you commit? I’ve got you covered!

When do we start?

Our first week together kicks off  May 3rd for 10 weeks together.  Weekly group zoom calls are on Tuesdays.

What kind of support is included?

Group coaching calls are every week, and private coaching sessions are monthly. You’ll also have access to Monday-Thursday Voxer support and the private Facebook group, where you can ask questions and get to know the other women in the program.

How much photography experience do I need?

Ideally, you’ll have already photographed at least 3-5 weddings on your own. This is a business course, and there are no photography lessons included. 

What are the benefits of a group coaching program?

Group coaching is a powerful tool to be around other passionate hard-working women in the wedding world. Entrepreneurship is best when you have people in your corner rooting for you and you can help each other. Trust me when I say there is enough space for everyone and growing these relationships will only further your career. 

How many women will be here with me?

I want to keep this program intimate to make sure you feel totally supported which is why we’re limiting enrollment to 8 women. 

How much of a time commitment is this?

This is a 10-week interactive coaching program complete with weekly 60-minute group coaching via zoom & monthly private zoom calls. This program is designed for you to put in the effort to go full-time with your business. I will meet your effort and push you to go further.

Will you help me with photography?

This is a business program but there will be a community Facebook group where we will have time for photography help or any non-related business questions to make sure you’re feeling completely supported. 

 Investing in yourself is always going to feel scary. Right about now, that voice in your head is probably reminding you of all the reasons why this won’t work, why you’re not good enough, or you don’t deserve this. 

This could be the moment that changes your business forever.

I’m here to tell you that you do deserve this, and you are more than capable of having it all. You can build a profitable business and live a full, joyful life. You can be a full-time wedding photographer and still have time for your family. 

I created this program to uplift my fellow female photographers to have successful wedding photography businesses without feeling the constant competition the wedding community has created. I think we can all be profitable & live joy-filled lives. 

I know it’s possible, because I’ve done it. You could too. But only if you stop letting fear hold you back, and take the first step toward that joy-filled future.

Let’s build your joy-filled business together

You don’t have to do it all alone

The Joyful Wedding Photographer is everything you need to become a full-time, profitable wedding photographer. 

10 weekly business training modules 
Tried and true resources, emails, and workflows
Weekly group coaching calls
Monthly one-on-one coaching calls
A community to celebrate your wins and help you through the hard times

The only thing we’re missing is you.