6 Months of all access private coaching including calls, emails, content building, image reviews, strategies and support to take your photography business to the next level.

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I often prayed and prayed that someone would help guide me and answer all the questions I wanted the answers to while walking on my journey. How do I make a living, photographing weddings? I worked different 9-5 jobs, photographed when I wasn’t at work, and stayed up all hours of the night editing. I knew my purpose, knew my passion, but I was missing those special moments with my family. 

Enough was enough!

I read everything I could, listening to any podcast I could find, and made a vow to not miss another moment. 

A few years ago,

I was the type of person who believed that I could do it all, I didn’t need help. But, I was so wrong. We are not meant to do life alone. We need people in our corner cheering us on, motivating us to go the extra mile when you don’t think you can and you need someone to guide you through the hurdles when business gets hard.

you can’t scale your business alone.

One thing I’ve learned:

I don’t want you to miss any more moments or feel stuck at a job you hate either. Let’s take your photography business to the next level so you can take back control of your life.

You had someone to ask questions instead of the internet leading you a million different ways to the well. 

You knew exactly how to find your dream clients.

You had the tools to create a business that allowed you more financial freedom. 

You had more time to do the things that you love. 

Imagine if...


I’ve learned so much from working with Danielle. She’s so passionate about creating a positive environment to learn and grow, capturing gorgeous photos, and giving clients the best experience possible. She shares her photography and business knowledge, and her passion for her craft is contagious. I can’t recommend working with enough! 

I can’t recommend working with her enough! 

Not sure how to make it happen!
You know you have something to offer the world, but you're just not sure how to get it in their hands? I've got you covered, friend. I'll teach you how to create a business that you love, that is thriving and leaves you walking tall with happiness. 

Being stressed by the legal terms of owning a business.
I get it, there are a lot of puzzle pieces to get into a thriving photography business together. Contracts, insurance, legal documents, business taxes. I can help you navigate! 

Sleepless nights worrying about when your next booking will be. 
Let's face it, what you're doing isn't working. You need a proven roadmap and some guidance from someone who has successfully done what you're trying to do (pssst, that's me).

If you are tired of...

with Danielle

Private Coaching


& so much more…. 

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How to Market Your Brand 

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How to Boost Sales

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Pricing for Profit

Zoom and/or in person strategy meeting

Weekly Check-ins

Unlimited coaching to ask questions about the wedding photography world 

In these 6 months of Private Coaching you'll get...

The girl behind Create and Bloom Coaching. I help wedding photographers take their business to the next level. No more being confused about how to find your dream clients or when you get your client how to make them rave about you for years to come. I’m here to grow your wedding business, ease your stress and keep the joy in being your own boss.

Hi Friends, I’m Danielle!

– sonum

She is always so transparent and offers such a grounded perspective with actual actionable advice. I've felt completely comfortable asking anything - big or small - and I always leave feeling motivated, supported, and like she actually cares about my success.

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ALL ACCESS to how I turned my passion for photography into a 6-FIGURE BUSINESS. 

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and I’ve got your back! 

I have asked for help and no one would look my way so I made mistakes, I wasted money , I had stress levels so high I would cry but today I have a successful and sustainable business photographing what I love while bringing in over 100k a year.

I want to give you my roadmap to success, to ditch your 9-5 and live out your entrepreneurial spirit. 

I wish I had someone to help me grow my business 14 years ago.

Let’s get your business to where you have always dreamed of.