Champagne sippin' girl mama who LOVES helping women SHINE!

When I started my business 14 years ago I read every book on weddings and shadowed any photographer that would let me tag along. I wasn’t shy of holding gear, grabbing coffee, or anything else to get me closer to the business. I took endless notes, learned from my mistakes, and slowly created the business of my dreams. 

Hey girl,
I’m Danielle! 

I have created a roadmap for success that I want to share with you so you don’t have to take all the wrong turns that I did. 

I once stood in your shoes, tired of working my 9-5 with no plans for financial freedom. Missing moments with my family and friends because I couldn’t get vacation time. I looked for answers on how to take my love for photography and turn it into a profitable and sustainable form of income. I often prayed someone would help me along the way and answer all of my questions , but competition often shadowed community. 

I'm here to say, I got you… I am opening the doors to my business and sharing everything I know on how to create a business that is filled with dream clients, little stress & more time for family. I turned my passion for photography into a 6 figure business, and I fully believe you can too. I know if we build together we will win together. 

and that still stands true today.

I have always been a believer in there being enough sunshine for everyone

My purpose is to give you the tools to create a wedding photography business that brings you happiness.

We are here to be filled with joy, love and wake up happy to do what we love. We don't want to miss this beautiful life we are given.

I know in my soul we are not here to merely get by.

10 Weeks to your blueprint to a growing a profitable, joy-filled photography business you’re proud of.

The Joyful Wedding Photographer

Doors Opening Soon! 

We will work together, one-to-one, to grow your wedding business, ease your stress and keep the joy in being your own boss.

Private Coaching

Doors Opening soon

2 Hr Ask All Zoom Call. Bring the coffee or the wine, and let's dive into how I can help you grow your photography business. 

Happy Hour Call 

2 Day Intensive Workshop on everything Weddings. 


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With Danielle's guidance, I've gained such a deeper understanding of how to better serve my clients on a wedding day and to grow my own business - and do so in a way that feels genuine and purposeful. Being able to see the way she communicates with her clients throughout the day and how she navigates different challenges with grace and her gentle and bubbly personality has truly been invaluable. 

"I always leave feeling motivated, supported, and like she actually cares about my success."

to grow your business with Danielle


Top 5 MUST-HAVE business tools for Photographers

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Top 5 MUST-HAVE business tools for Photographers