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The girl behind Create and Bloom Coaching. I help wedding photographers take their business to the next level. No more being confused about how to find your dream clients or when you get your client how to make them rave about you for years to come. I’m here to grow your wedding business, ease your stress and keep the joy in being your own boss.

Hi Friends, I’m Danielle!


Danielle is not only an incredible photographer, but she has been an elemental resource to me over the years in helping me navigate through the photography business that I entered into 7 years ago. Her advice and encouragement made it to where I felt 10x more comfortable charging what I'm worth because of the details she's helped me fine tune.

I highly, highly recommend her programs & courses to anyone who is looking to be truly successful in their photography career.

Top 5 MUST-HAVE business tools for Photographers

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Top 5 MUST-HAVE business tools for Photographers

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