Learn how to build a sustainable & profitable wedding photography business, working with your dream clients. 

Group Coaching for photographers

You’ve read every blog out there and followed all the top photographers to learn how to have a profitable wedding photography business, and it’s just not working. 

Let me guess,

You knew exactly what to do to grow your wedding business naturally and effectively. 

You had a precise roadmap focused on what to do and how to do it, a detailed guide that walked you through achieving the wedding business you dreamed of. 

You walked out of every booking appointment adding a new wedding to your list!

You photographed every wedding with confidence and intention. 

But, imagine if…

I see you over there building your business while working your 9-5 and doing all the things. You’re working your butt off. Trust me, I have been standing in your shoes. It's exhausting. 

But, it’s time to stop clawing your way to success, wondering if you are on the right path, and turn your business into a sustainable and profitable business doing what you love. 

Struggling on how to navigate owning a wedding business?
I've got you friend!

Group Coaching


this coaching program was created for you! 

Regardless of where you’re at in your business journey


Whether it has been explaining proper verbiage & etiquette, showing me lighting techniques, editing hacks + camera settings, to suggestions for my booking process as well as professional presentation of my packages; my business quality would not be as top tier without her influence!

Her advice and encouragement made it to where I felt 10x more comfortable charging what I'm worth because of the details she's helped me fine tune. 

two guided photo shoots & personal branding session for you! 

How to leave every session with great images and happy clients

How to create a client experience that leads to raving reviews 

How to be more organized and efficient to create more free time in your life

How to make more money even after you photographed a wedding 

How to navigate a wedding day with confidence 

How to attract and book your dream clients

How to make more money, and photograph what you want

How to build a sustainable wedding business 

In this 8 week Coaching Program you’ll learn…..

The girl behind Create and Bloom Coaching. I help wedding photographers take their business to the next level. No more being confused about how to find your dream clients or when you get your client how to make them rave about you for years to come. I’m here to grow your wedding business, ease your stress and keep the joy in being your own boss.

Hi Friends, I’m Danielle!

2 live shoots with me to help create the images you want! 

Make more money with In Person Sales

Photograph with Intention

Learn how to Rock Wedding Day Portraits 

Navigate Wedding Day Chaos 

Market your business 

Dive head first into your pricing 

100% open book on how to run a wedding photography business 

Unlimited Coaching support: marco polo, zooms, in person… I’ve got your back!

Here’s What Inside the Next 8 weeks! 

– Elysse

"Danielle is an endless well of knowledge, well versed in the industry and is the kind of mentor & coach that will leave you feeling as if you did it all by yourself! I highly, highly recommend her programs & courses to anyone who is looking to be truly successful in their photography career."

But you can join the waitlist to be the first to know when group coaching opens back up!

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and I’ve got your back! 

I have asked for help and no one would look my way so I made mistakes, I wasted money , I had stress levels so high I would cry but today I have a successful and sustainable business photographing what I love while bringing in over 100k a year.

I want to give you my roadmap to success, to ditch your 9-5 and live out your entrepreneurial spirit. 

I wish I had someone to help me grow my business 14 years ago.

Let’s get your business to where you have always dreamed of.